Sudhir Balasubramanian


Sudhir Balasubramanian aka Bala is VMware Cloud Certified , vBCA Specialist , vExpert and is recognized as one of the top knowledge Oracle on VMware experts specializing in Virtualizing Business Critical Oracle Technologies on vSphere.

Bala is currently working as a Senior Solution Architect – Databases in the Global Center of Excellence group and is also a Live Fire Instructor specializing in Oracle Business Critical Applications.

Bala has close to 18+ years of Oracle Technology experience including Oracle RAC , Data Guard , RMAN, Grid Control working as an Principal Oracle Architect/Database Administrator for major corporations such as Sony Electronics, Teletech Corp, SAIC, Active Network Inc, Sempra Energy Holdings before joining VMware Inc in 2012.

Bala is the leader in the VMware Oracle space and has spoken and delivered contents in many major events such as VMware Partner Exchange 2013/2014, VMworld 2013, Oracle Collaborate 2012, Oracle Open World 2013 ,Data Center Insight 2013. His presentation in Data Center Insight 2013 received the Best Data Center Solution award.

Bala also holds a Masters degree in Computer Science graduating from San Diego State University, San Diego.

Bala blogs regularly at and
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