Major 1.1 Launch for VMWorld USA


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In this book we focus on best practices of Oracle Database as a Service with discussions around consolidation, multi-tenancy, virtualization and cloud deployments. The authors Charles Kim, George Trujillo, Steven Jones and Sudhir Balasubramanian have spent a number of years focused on the virtualization of tier-one high performance platforms. In this book we will share knowledge learned in the field and best practices around virtualizing Oracle and deploying Oracle Database-as-a-Service.

Imagine a world where your system administrators provisions a fully functional Linux server that is patched with all the up to date kernel parameters, updated device drivers, and updated configurations in 1 hour.  The time that you make the request to the time that you get access to a server that has a fully configured Red Hat 5/6 or Oracle Linux 5/6 environment is within couple of hours.   On top of all this, the build is consistent and reliable every time.  This should be a realistic goal for most companies today.

Our story goes beyond this.  We will provide detailed steps and best practices to create and configure a VM that will perform close as possible to bare metal performance.

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